Men’s Winter Jackets

Jackets for gents...

By Rachel Esco |


Keeping warm during the colder months does not mean compromising your style. Every fashion-wise man knows how to balance warmth with looking sharp. They also know that investing in a quality jacket is like having an energizing cloak of confidence. But, before melting some hearts, make sure you get the right jacket, whether it's for making an entrance at work or hanging out with the boys.

The Peacoat

Beginning as a 1920's staple for hotshot Wall Street bankers and mobsters like John Dillinger and Al Capone, the peacoat jacket is a timeless sign of power. No wonder this coat continues to be popular among high-profile men like Prince Harry and Usher. Wool versions in navy, black, or charcoal are the best options. In terms of length, your choice should depend on your height. If you're on the shorter side, choose a peacoat that stops at the thighs, and if you're taller, go for versions that fall below the knees. Wearing the right length will assure you dominate a powerful and career-savvy look.

The Trench Coat

Trench coats are also notorious for their clean-cut, professional appeal. Classically, they are beige and made from water-resistant, breathable fabric. But, if you're more daring, you can try shiny leather versions, which were a common trend on the winter runways this season. You can wear you trench coat stylishly with a fresh quaff haircut and a cashmere scarf – a handsome and trendy look to strut outside.

The Puffer Jacket

The versatile puffer jacket is a wardrobe staple. This season, designers are showing puffer jackets in all types of textures such as metallic, canvas, or leather for an interesting twist. You can wear it casually with trousers or jeans, topped with black combat boots for a trendy finish.

The Bomber

Bomber jackets are also a popular option this winter. They’re known for their sporty look with a zipper at the front and elastic bands at the cuffs. For a casual vibe, you can go for neutral-colored versions in grey, green, or black. Yet, if you’re craving something a notch more upscale, you can find styles made with premium leather or even luxurious quilted ones. Finish the look with a pair of loafers or desert boots to compliment your outfit.

Formal Blazers

For spiffy evenings out, blazers are a great choice. Tailored versions in black are a classic option for creating a polished vibe, but there are fiercer styles for those guys brave enough to try them. Mismatching your blazer with your pants is fine – even fashion-forward – but watch your color combinations. You can match neutrals with other neutrals and colors, but don’t go nuts with funky color groupings. It’s not suave or fashionable.

Ultimately, with the right jacket, you can create an entrance worth making. Also, keep in mind that a great jacket is built to last, so make yours count! Always invest in quality so your new jacket will be with you for the long haul.